Success stories

The Brick

The Brick works with Catalys to drive energy savings for their business. The comprehensive data and the rigorous process ensure that the best energy & sustainability investments are made, wherever it makes most sense in their national portfolio. Since program inception the Brick has accumulated more than $25 million in savings.


Northview implemented a Catalys program in 2019 and realized $1 million in savings in the first year. The actio program uses Northview’s data and it’s built in intelligence to pinpoint the next best energy & sustainability investment to make. As a result the company has rapidly achieved energy savings and other benefits. Annual savings totals now exceed $3 million per year.

Avenue Living

The focus on energy & sustainability performance for business has never been stronger. Costs and global warming risks which are driven by energy, water, and waste continue to increase. For owners of multi-family real estate portfolios these costs are material and represent some of their highest controllable expenses.