Catalys is a portfolio-scale energy and sustainability solutions provider that generates savings and other benefits for enterprise customers.

We get results through the combination of our expertise and our proprietary actio software. actio aggregates data from all the relevant sources and uses artificial intelligence to mark the path to achieving the results our clients want.

Our team of experts leads the implementation effort to ensure optimal results.  Whether it’s new technologies, HVAC, solar, geothermal, LED, EV charging or other solutions – our turnkey deployment picks and implements the best investments – for your business – across the entire real estate portfolio.

We’re on a mission to get portfolio owners to take material/meaningful action on sustainability.  We do this by matching customers and solutions to catalyze action on climate goals, driving value and results for building portfolios.



We act with honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness. Climate change is a priority in all that we do.

Passion for Progress

We have an uncompromising focus on impact and excellence. Progress is about more than just economics.


No one has all the answers, we need collaborators, not competitors, to drive optimal outcomes.

Creative Leadership

We bring curiosity to all our interactions. We inspire growth and innovation through learning and bold action.


Our company, which grew out of our 12+ years of work with Energy Advantage, is led by experienced energy and sustainability professionals with a long track record of achieving business results for our customers.

Luke Ferdinands

An experienced sustainability leader who has enabled and accelerated clients’ sustainable transformation activities, leading enterprise transformations through a dedicated sustainability operation or through various enablement functions.

He brings the expertise to organize chaos by using methodologies to understand clients’ baseline and current state, identify the most valuable opportunities for them and establish a roadmap for delivering long-term sustainability strategies. Luke has acted as the program lead for The Brick, Northview REIT, Avenue Living, Landmark Cinemas and a number of other leading Canadian companies. 

Shane Pepin

Shane has a deep understanding of the ESG and sustainability space, including climate change science and GHG accounting, energy efficiency on a building or corporate level, the role of technology in driving improvements in the built environment (sensors, meters, IoT, leveraging data), legislative and compliance instruments such as CDP, UN SDG framework, GRESB, ESPM, LEED, BOMA Best, and water and waste management for commercial real estate space. 

Shane was previously the Senior Vice President of Operations and Product Strategy at Energy Advantage.