Achieve Energy And Sustainability Savings Without Logistical Barriers!

Our solutions are built for enterprise customers just like you.  We build a custom program designed to meet our client’s goals, use our Actio software to aggregate all the critical data and to identify high potential opportunities. 

Possible solutions are tested and, where successful, rolled out across the portfolio.  Our system allows us to deploy energy and sustainability upgrades efficiently and effectively across multiple states, countries, and facility or building types.


Generates results in 4 simple steps


Program Design

Build out a custom program governance module that is based on your specific requirements. The governance model defines:

  • What do you want to achieve
  • how does the finance work
  • how fast do you want to move
  • how will you share the results

Data and AI analysis with Actio Software

Our platform aggregates data from all the relevant sources and helps you mark the path to achieving the results you want. It starts with a detailed summary of your assets, and layers on operational data streams for a full analysis of potential opportunities.  The more comprehensive the data the more savings opportunities that can be identified.


Solutions Implementation

Whether it’s new technologies, HVAC, solar, geothermal, LED, EV charging or other solutions – our turnkey deployment picks and implements the best investments – for your business – across the entire real estate portfolio.  Our team works with your partners, or others with a track record of success – to implement solutions and start you saving money.


Performance Verification

We monitor and verify the performance of all the key initiatives to ensure that you get the promised benefits and to document the results for investors, staff and other stakeholders.

ACTIO software

Actio is our software which enables our program management team and clients alike to quickly take action to achieve the best results in cost savings and carbon emission reductions and other benefits in their energy & sustainability programs.

At its heart, Actio takes the overwhelming combination of the diverse data and processes necessary to drive best in class programs and makes it all manageable at scale. It’s the software which powers the data, workflow and tools of Catalys to offer a total solution to our clients for best results in their energy and sustainability programs.

Take control of your data

Data that can help guide decisions and take the right actions can be found in many forms and many different places in your organization. Actio integrates these diverse data sources into a single environment within an end-to-end program management workflow to enable efficient analysis, decision making and implementation of our client’s programs.

Take decisive action

Actio provides the tools and workflows to implement client programs from beginning to end efficiently at scale. Whether it is finding the right opportunities, creating a business case, or tracking the progress of your actions, it provides a cohesive, efficient experience to repeatedly answer the most important question to E&S performance – what’s the next best action we can take to reduce our energy use & carbon emissions across our built space?

Understand your results

Actio provides visualizations and analysis on what matters most to our clients, results. Our dashboards and reporting tools are designed to provide our clients with continuous and meaningful visibility of the progress, impact, and results of their E&S programs from the building to the portfolio level.