The Brick works with Catalys to drive energy savings for their business. The comprehensive data and the rigorous process ensure that the best energy & sustainability investments are made, wherever it makes most sense in their national portfolio. Since program inception the Brick has accumulated more than $25 million in savings.

The Brick has been working with Catalys since 2012 to operationalize their corporate energy & sustainability program. Ten years ago, the Brick recognized that while energy expenditure was only a fraction of the overall costs, the category represented one of the most reliable areas to generate savings and increase profits.

Catalys implemented a comprehensive energy program with annual goals and CAPEX decision-making metrics. The program was backed by the executive team and fully adopted by facilities and operations teams. Each year, program capital and operating measures have been objectively prioritized and piloted through a process leveraging utility, asset, and maintenance data. This repeatable process is aligned with the annual capital planning and other efforts.

$2,200,000 +

Incentives received

$25,000,000 +

savings to date

Over the ensuing decade The Brick has continued the program, making strategic investments in high value opportunities and has realized cumulative savings of over $25 million and a wide range of other benefits. The company has reduced electricity use at its stores and distributions centres by over 40% and achieved significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions along the way.

Individual stores and distribution centres have been positively impacted by the program. Catalys’s programs combine deep and wide industry expertise, granular facility data, and a repeatable implementation process to enable the rapid identification of the best energy & sustainability opportunities.