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Northview implemented a Catalys program in 2019 and realized $1 million in savings in the first year. The actio program uses Northview’s data and it’s built in intelligence to pinpoint the next best energy & sustainability investment to make. As a result the company has rapidly achieved energy savings and other benefits. Annual savings totals now exceed $3 million per year.

The Northview Fund (Northview) owns a geographically diversified portfolio of income-producing multi-residential suites, commercial real estate and hotels located primarily in secondary markets within Western Canada, Québec, the Maritimes and the Northern Territories. Whether it’s reducing costs on energy, water or maintenance, saving money in rental apartment buildings makes good business sense. In 2018 Northview’s predecessor – the Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust – hired Catalys to develop and deliver a corporate sustainability program.

Without unlimited budgets Northview must make effective decisions about the energy & sustainability investments to make, where to make them and with what partners. The Catalys program enabled Northview to start to address climate
change by systematically identifying the best value investments, leveraging comprehensive data and a repeatable, practical process.

$3,000,000 +

savings to date

200 + Buildings

Located Across Canada

The Catalys program was designed to ensure that the annual energy and sustainability spend was focused on the best opportunities, delivering lower operational costs, reduced emissions, mitigating risks and providing for more comfortable buildings. Drawing on Catalys energy & sustainability program expertise, and taking advantage of the sophisticated actio platform, a comprehensive program with annual goals and CAPEX decision-making metrics was implemented. The program was backed by the executive team and fully adopted by facilities and operations teams.

Each year program capital and operating measures for energy & sustainability are objectively prioritized and piloted through a process that leverages utility, asset, and maintenance data, and the actio decision making tools.

Projects implemented by Northview include large scale fuel switching projects in New Brunswick, comprehensive water use reduction programs in Iqaluit, solar power installations in Alberta and many other targeted, high value investments.