Our customer, The Northview Fund (Northview) owns a geographically diversified portfolio of income-producing multi-residential suites, commercial real estate and hotels located primarily in secondary markets within Western Canada, Québec, the Maritimes and the Northern Territories.

In 2018 Northview’s predecessor – the Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust – hired EAI to provide them with the Energy & Sustainability program management leadership to develop and implement a corporate sustainability program within their organization.

We implemented a comprehensive program with annual goals and CAPEX decision-making metrics and processes. The program was backed by the executive team and fully adopted by facilities and operations teams.  Each year program capital and operating measures for energy and waste are objectively prioritized and piloted thru a process leveraging utility, asset, and maintenance data. This repeatable process is aligned with the annual capital planning and other efforts.

The program continues to this date, having achieved nearly $3 million in cumulative savings since 2019 and a wide range of other benefits.