Our customer, the Brick has been working with us since 2012, to operationalize their corporate energy and sustainability program. 

To date, the program has been focused on achieving energy savings in stores and distribution centers.

EAI implemented a comprehensive program with annual goals and CAPEX decision-making metrics and processes. The program was backed by the executive team and fully adopted by facilities and operations teams.  Each year program capital and operating measures are objectively prioritized and piloted thru a process leveraging utility, asset, and maintenance data. This repeatable process is aligned with the annual capital planning and other efforts.

The program continues to this date, having achieved over $21 million in cumulative savings and a wide range of other benefits.

In 2011 the Brick spent more than $10 million each year on energy, with approximately 80% of that total spent on electricity.  The budget now is approximately $8.5 million per year despite significant electricity rate increases across the country.    To achieve maximum impact the program has focused on electricity saving projects.  Since inception, evaluated on a same store basis, the program has reduced electricity use by more than 30%.

Each individual store and distribution centre have been positively impacted by the program.  EAI’s programs combine deep and wide industry expertise, very granular data and a repeatable implementation process to enable the rapid identification of the very best energy and sustainability opportunities and the region(s) and facilities where they will provide the best returns.  EAI is fully independent, and not tied to any product or service; the business is fully focused on generating the best results for our clients.